5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring Child Care From A Nanny Service

14 August 2023
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Do you need a nanny service? Whether you're ready to return to work after having a baby, changing jobs, returning to school, or just need someone to watch the kids while you're away for a few hours every day, take a look at the top questions to ask nannies for hire.

Why Do You Want This Job?

Get to the intent behind the nanny's choice of profession and their deduction to the job with this open-ended question. The answer can provide you with information about who the candidate is, why they enjoy working with children, and what they expect to get out of the job. It can also help you to get a picture of why your would-be future nanny wants to work for you.

What Child Care Experience Do You Have?

It's likely that you already have the candidate's resume. But a simple list of past jobs may not give you all of the information that you need. Use the resume as a starting point to ask additional questions about child care experience.

If the nanny's resume says they have several years of experience babysitting children, ask them if this was a full-time position or a few hours here and there. Likewise, you can dig deeper into the ages of the children they've worked with and the environments where they've worked (such as in a family's home, in a school, or in a child care center).

Do You Have An Applicable Degree?

Unlike early childhood or elementary school educators, nannies aren't required to have a teaching license or a degree. But this doesn't mean that you won't find a nanny with an associate's degree or higher in early learning, child development, instruction and learning, or a similar area. If the candidate does have an applicable degree, ask them about the specific coursework they've completed and internship or practicum experiences.

Do You Have CPR and First Aid Training?

More specifically, do you have infant/child CPR and first aid training? CPR and first aid training save lives. A nanny with these certifications will know what to do if your child chokes, falls, or is seriously injured. While infant and child CPR and first aid certification isn't the same thing as a medical license, knowing what to do in an emergency could save your child's life.

What Is Your Discipline Style?

Unwanted behaviors, tantrums, and other similar issues are common in early childhood. Even though your child may have an even temperament most of the time, the nanny you choose will need to know how to handle the occasional cranky kid moment. This is where discipline style comes into play.

Make sure that the nanny is on board with your discipline philosophy and that you feel comfortable with how they would handle sticky situations. Provide the nanny with an example of a behavior that they may need to correct and ask them to explain how they would talk to your child or redirect them.

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