Dealing with Separation Anxiety When Dropping Your Child Off at Daycare

7 July 2015
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Some kids tend to struggle with anxiety when their parents leave them. It is a common emotion that is experienced among many children, typically around the ages of 8 to 14 months. The fear the child has of being separated from their parent or caregiver can cause feelings of unease for everyone, including the parents and daycare workers. It is important to address the issue rather than neglect it in order to overcome it in a quicker manner. Here are some ways to help eliminate some of the symptoms your child experiences with separation anxiety.

Set Limits

One of the worst things a parent can do for their child experiencing separation anxiety is to give in. When a child sees that their reaction contributes to the parent giving in and staying longer, they will continue the behavior. It is important for parents to stand their ground when it comes to dropping the child off and leaving. In most cases, the child will be back to normal after a few minutes. 

Provide Them with a Familiar Object

Another way to help combat separation anxiety is to provide your child with a familiar object. This will help keep them calm during the separation. A special blanket or stuffed animal is usually acceptable to the child. During the times they are upset, they will have this item to cuddle with to help them feel better. It is something that will remind them of home. You also want to make sure you are dropping them off at the same place and with the same caregiver each time. You might consider taking your child to Mendon Child Care Ctr.

Reassure Your Child

When you do have to leave your child, make sure to let them know you will be returning. Your child will be concerned about the amount of time you are gone, so it is important to remind them that it is not for long. One way to help with the goodbyes is to practice leaving your child for small intervals at a time. This will help them see that you return each time. Slowly, they will get accustomed to you leaving and coming back. 

Plenty of Sleep and Food

Kids are more likely to develop anxiety when they are tired and hungry. In order to help reduce separation anxiety, you want to make sure they have gotten plenty of sleep and have been fed recently. This will help put them in a better mood and they will be able to overcome the anxiety much quicker than if they are hungry or tired.