Considerations When Selecting Your Child's Preschool

26 December 2018
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As your baby grows older, you may decide to enroll the youngster in a quality pre-kindergarten program. Preschools can help prepare your child for further education, giving the little one the confidence that they need to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.  

Still, selecting the right pre-kindergarten program for your child can be overwhelming. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind as you choose your child's preschool.

The Demeanor of the Teachers

Some people may be naturally a bit stricter and louder than others. It's important to select a school with teachers whom your child will feel comfortable with.

If you are soft-spoken and easy-going, your child may feel most at ease with teachers who have a similar personality. Keep in mind that this may be your little one's first educational experience, so it's best not to have it riddled with fearful encounters. 

The teachers at the preschool that you select should also seem genuinely interested in their young students, regularly interacting with them in a positive manner. As you tour the school, look for signs that the children are responding well to the pre-kindergarten teachers. Laughter, wide smiles, and conversational interactions are all great signs.

Staff Training

The pre-k teachers should also be adequately trained. The school's director should be able to share information about the required educational levels of the staff. 

In addition to teaching degrees and the necessary core requirements, some preschools also require safety training for their teachers. The training can help ensure that your child's teachers can respond properly in case of a medical emergency. 

A Child-friendly Classroom Environment

As you observe the classroom of a potential preschool, look for kid-sized furnishings, fun animated decorations, and generous amounts of walking room. Additionally, quality preschools often include the creations of their young students on their walls to give the kids a sense of ownership of their classroom space. 

Acceptable Behavioral Guidelines

Although corporal punishment is rarely allowed in a classroom setting, the routine disciplinary actions of the preschools should still match your expectations. Even if you believe that your child could use a bit more discipline, it is important to avoid fear-based instruction and tactics.

Ask about the rules and the consequences of breaking them. In addition, inquire about how the teachers help the students learn to problem-solve and manage their emotions on their own.

To learn more about the preschools in your local area, schedule touring appointments with the directors.