Details To Assess In The Nap Area Of An Infant Care Center

7 January 2020
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Visiting an infant care center is always important before you decide that you'll enroll your young child there. Infant care centers share a lot of similarities to daycares, but because they focus on children who are on the younger side, there will be some noteworthy differences. Namely, a lot of infant care centers have napping areas. While naptime might be a part of a daycare's daily routine, the children will often sleep on mats. At an infant care center, it's common to find a series of cribs that can hold your child and their peers. Here are some details that you'll want to check out before you pick an infant care center.

Crib Condition

Give some careful inspection to each of the cribs in the nap area so that you feel confident in their condition. It's OK if the cribs aren't modern, but you should see that they've been well cared for. This means that they're clean — including the mattresses and bedding — and that they're not rickety. Don't be afraid to gently move a crib back and forth with your hand. You want to see and feel that is has a high amount of structural integrity.

Room Darkness

Don't be afraid to ask the infant care center employee how dark the nap area is during the children's naptime. You'll have an idea of how your child likes the space in which they nap. Some children have no trouble in a dark environment, while others get fussy if they can't see the space around them when they wake up. You should feel confident that the nap area will be suitable for your child's napping habits, regardless of whether the child favors a dark or light environment.

Position Of The Cribs

Depending on the size of the infant care center, the dimensions of the nap area, and the number of cribs, the space may feel a little cluttered or it could be spacious. Take stock of the layout of the cribs. You want to see that there's a navigable aisle between each of the cribs. This will allow a care center staff member to move through the room quickly and easily when they need to get to a child. For example, if one child is fussy, you want to trust that the staff member can get to the child quickly to remove them before the child's fussing wakes up your child.

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