Helpful Tips For Sending Your Child To Daycare When They Have Food Allergies

27 October 2020
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As a parent of a child who has food allergies, you are probably accustomed to dealing with various scares and challenges. You might need to send your child to daycare so that you can go to work, however, or you might want your child to enjoy the social and educational benefits of attending daycare. Obviously, sending your child to daycare when they have food allergies can be a bit scary, but these tips should help you with keeping your child safe.

Choose the Right Daycare

There are many things that you should consider when choosing your child's daycare. One thing that you should be sure of is that you choose a daycare where the staff members will take your child's food allergies seriously. Consider talking to a few of the staff members from the daycare about your child's food allergies; if you find that the staff members don't seem to be too interested or concerned about your child's food allergies, then you might want to look for another daycare. You may also want to check the daycare's reviews online or talk to other parents who send their children there to help ensure that you are choosing a good daycare with responsible, caring, and attentive staff members.

Provide Printed Information About Your Child's Allergies

Even though you might have already told some of the staff members at the daycare about your child's food allergies, it's not a bad idea to write or type out a little more information. You can list the foods that your child is allergic to and instructions about what should happen if your child is accidentally exposed to these food items. Then, you can provide a few copies of this document to the professionals at the daycare so that they can keep them on file.

Consider Sending Food for Your Child

Many daycares provide lunch and snacks for the children that are in their care. However, you might be a little bit nervous about this since you might be concerned that your child will accidentally be given something that they are allergic to. You might find that you will feel a lot more comfortable if you send safe food for your child yourself, so this might be something that you will want to plan on doing.

It's true that it can be a bit scary and intimidating to send your child to daycare when they have food allergies. However, you can get a little bit of help with handling the situation by following the tips above.