4 Practical Ways To Prepare Your Child For Daycare

9 June 2021
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If you're sending your little one to daycare for the first time, it can be overwhelming for the two of you. Even if you've found the perfect child care center, transitioning from a carefree home environment to a structured care program isn't easy. 

Fortunately, the move can be smooth and fun if you know how to prepare the toddler to ease into it. Daycare services are crucial when you want to expose your child to the outer world. You should consult child care professionals since they can advise you on the right steps to take when getting your kids to start daycare. 

Here are steps that help you get your child ready for daycare. 

Set a Routine 

If you found a convenient care center near home, you can check out their schedule and introduce it to your kid at home. This makes it easy for your kid to familiarize themselves with the routine even before they enroll. If you introduce such a routine gradually, your child will embrace the environment easily. For instance, if the center requires them to take naps in the afternoons, introduce a similar routine at home weeks before you send them to child care. You can modify many other home habits to fit the center's schedule for a smoother transition. 

Talk to Your Kid About The Transition 

To avoid a chaotic transition to daycare, you must communicate about the process to your child. Avoid sugar coating, especially if the kid appears apprehensive. Surprisingly, kids can tell whether you're being realistic about such a move. To avoid rebellion, talk about daycare in a fun way, mention the teachers' names and create a stimulating picture about preschool activities. Also, listen and answer any questions your child might have. If you answer satisfactorily, it influences how your child perceives the transition. If you reassure them that you'll be there for them, they will welcome the move. 

Visit the Centre Together 

Making a visit or two to the daycare center with your kids is the most reassuring move that preschool isn't the monster your kid thinks it is. If your prospective care center allows, visit and let the child mingle with teachers. You should let them take a tour of the facility a few times. If they're acquainted with the new environment, they are likely to perceive it as a friendly zone even when you're not around.

Fast Track Drop-Offs 

Dropping off your kid at the daycare center for the first time is the most dreaded part. Kids can throw tantrums to make you stay. As a parent, you know it can affect you too. To make this easy, you should make it a quick affair. Even though kids will cry, they'll forget about the ordeal in a few minutes.

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